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Every day thousands of users become happy owners of the new iPhone, but not all currently know how to use these devices simple and easy. How to install your favorite tune, or rather a fragment thereof as a call? It is the main tricky question.

This is not an extraordinary task for those who are experienced users of iOS-devices, but for the beginners this information will be useful. Of course, the usage of the verb "put" in relation to the ringtone for iPhone is incorrect. In fact, the notion of the "put" in the context of ringtone for Iphone installing includes just 2 stages:

  • upload the ringtone to iPhone;
  • Set music as a ringtone for iPhone.

But for the common understanding of even the youngest iPhone owners, instructions’ commonly used terms remain unchanged.

The method of ringtones for iPhone uploading using iTunes.

The easiest way is to use media center of iTunes. Working with iTunes is really simple.

  • Step 1: Turn on iTunes on the laptop or personal computer.
  • Step 2: Select a music file or a sound from the sked in iTunes.
  • Step 3: Press right manipulator’s key on the song and select "Information". In the "Information" click the Options tab and look at the line "Start" and "End". The duration of the composition should not exceed 30 seconds, this is important. For example, select "Start" 0:10 and "The End" - 0:35. Then click OK.
  • Step 4: Again, Press right mouse button on the song’s title and choose "Create AAC version of the format." iTunes will process the file and make another shorter file in order with the chosen piece of your composition. It will be shown next to the original track.
  • Step 5: Again, Press right mouse button on the song’s title and click "Show in Finder» (for the Windows - "Show in Windows Explorer") next to the song you will see your new file extension .m4a.. Select it.
  • Step 6: Substitute the extension from .m4a to .m4r. Thus, you will turn in the ringtone for iPhone.
  • Step 7: Once more, switch to your phone and click two times on your ringtone in .m4r format.
  • Step 9: The music will appear in your your iTunes library.
  • Step 10: Connect your iPhone to iTunes, choose it from the top menu and then click the Sounds tab. Check "Sync sounds." Now click "Synchronize" to your new ringtone has appeared on the iPhone.
  • Step 11: After synchronization is complete, exclude the iPhone and go to settings. In Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone tick of a new ring tone.
  • Congratulations, you have installed a new ringtone for your iPhone!Some people ask, and how to put a few ringtones on the iPhone? Yes, it is the same! Put them to your phone via synchronization as well.

    How to make and install the ringtone directly on your iPhone without using iTunes

    When it comes to setting individual ringtone on the iPhone, many users have a lot of questions, and that's okay, because Apple does not like its systems to be changed by common users. Most instructions on this request requires a computer with iTunes. And what if the next (or at all), no the PC, or Mac? The instruction is following:

    • 1. Get the program to create music from Apple GarageBand.
    • 2. Open GarageBand application.
    • 3. Select one of the tools, such as Drums.
    • 4. Open "Browse" section.
    • 5. In the upper right corner of screen tap the button with loop, open your browser to search for music on the device or in Apple Loops section.
    • 6. Click the "Music" tab.
    • 7. Locate and import Desirable track you want to hear as a ringtone. The song must necessarily be stored on your iPhone for offline listening.
    • 8. Pull the left or right edge of the lyrics (they will become yellow), you can select the ringtone for a fragment of a track and make the song shorter (make ringtone longer than 30 seconds does not make sense, but you can not bother, because GarageBand automatically then trim the length ringtone).
    • 9. In the upper left-hand part of the screen, press on the button with the check mark, and then choose the "My Song". The ringtone is automatically saved in the device library.
    • 10. Press on the title of the ringtone for Iphone under cover and rename it. Then press the button «Done».
    • 11. Hold your finger on song until we will enter the edit mode (everything is shaking). Click «Sharing».
    • 12. Select "Ringtone" in the menu that appears.
    • 13. Click the "Export" and the "Use sound like ..." or go to Settings → Sounds → Ringtone (top of the custom ringtones will be displayed the list).
    • You also have an ability to put ringtone for iphone much easier, not just with so many clicks and without connecting to laptop or pc. This can be done in the official purchase of the iTunes Store. This is described in the ringtones instructions for iPhone - officially, just for the money. Prices range between 0,5$ for each file. So, with such easy manipulations everyone can quickly set the ringtone to iPhone 4, 5 and even any other, the procedure is identical for all iOS-devices. Did you find this guide useful, any questions left? Leave your problems in the comments and we will certainly help!

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