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What is it and how to download ringtone?

Referring to the dictionary, you can see that ringtone is a musical composition for alerting you of a call or message on your mobile. This definition is most fully reveals the meaning of the word "ringtone". Usually, ringtone is an expressive musical composition, lasting up to 40 seconds, which sounds from the speaker of mobile phones while somebody is trying to reach you. The ringtone can be an extract of an art song or track or a piece of independent musical compostion. Very often, the ring tone is an excerpt from a song. In the modern Internet you can find various complimentary ringtones for mobile phone. The catalog on special websites is regularly updated with new mp3 ringtones, added by users or administrators. Music is usually grouped by genres and tags, and ordered by date and popularity.

What are the kinds of ringtones and who invented them?

Andre Gray invented ringtones and ringbacks via his usenet group webpage on February 5th, 1994. The SYNC Programming Language is the software program he created and uploaded to his webpage with extensive instructions on how people can download and use Sync to create their own ringtones. Gray used his IBM Simon cellular phone, the world's first smartphone (which also had the ability to accept third party software) for inventing, testing and promoting his invention. From there Sync spread to Japan and then Finland, where Nokia created an exact copy of Sync for their cell phones and helped to popularized Andre Gray's invention in certain parts of Europe. Since then, Sync has been a well written computer program and also as the world's first downloadable app that single-handedly gave birth to mobile phone entertainment.

In the era of Motorola C200, ringtones were mostly polyphonic (remember the popular MIDI format). Then, in our lives appeared new formats such as:
  • MMF;
  • WAV;
  • AAC.

Distribution of the MP3 format has revolutionized the world of ringtones and create a new profitable business of their selling to customers.

How to choose a ringtone to download?

There are various kinds of ringtones, everyone usually has his own, which suits him the best. It can do much tell about music a person likes or personal interests. But some popular hits are usually capturing the minds of people and they can be heard on the phones everywhere. Before downloading ringtones, you can listen to them right on the website. You can also upload own mp3 ringtones for future free download by users, and help you spread your taste. Download ringtones to the mobile, and enrich your own individuality: everyone decides for himself what kind of melody to put for the call. We do not suppose to give you any advice. It should not annoy others - think about it. Moreover, there should not be any obscene language in the song, playing on your mobile phone. Now you know what is it and how to download best ringtones. And what is the ringtone on your mobile? Share in the comments

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